RoboClean SPlus

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Aura Roboclean

Unlike traditional systems, Roboclean utilizes nature’s most important element, WATER, which is the cleanest, safest and most pore-free filter system available.
Water’s advantageous properties combined with high tech WATER SEPARATOR system provides uninterrupted, effective cleaning.
Dust is pulled and then trapped in the water basin while your home is revitalised with an aura of fresh, breathable air.
This is why Roboclean System is essential to any healthy home.



Embrace Home Cleaning In One Device

Roboclean is a product with;

  • Advance technology
  • High quality
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design
  • Environment friendly manufacturing
  • User friendly
  • Wide spectrum of accessories

Total Air Treatment

6 Main Features:

-negative ion

Deep Mattress Cleaning

Removes dead skin cells, dust mite, and dust mite feces that cause asthma, sinus, and dust allergy.


Carpet Dry Cleaning

Beats, scrubs, and suck all debris and loose furs from inside of carpets. End result is a fluffy carpet.

Car Interior Cleaning

Cleans everything for the car interior. Including total air treatment.

Stain Removal

Removes stains on fabric surfaces i.e sofa, carpet, car seat.


General Cleaning

Reduces time, effort, and money with effective cleaning by using our special accessories that come with our device.