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Our Mission

We strive for innovation of enviroment friendly product designed to add value to our customers quality of life.

The History

— How it all began

Roboclean was brought in to our Malaysia shores in 2006 . We have reached nearly 15,000 consumers here in Malaysia and millions around the world in 67 countries.

Living a healthy life is common desire of each individual, society and community. This can only be possible with environment that surrounds us and live in a clear medium.
Roboclean is not objective for this target but an instrument.

Aura Southeast Asia (M) Sdn Bhd is not only the sole distributor in Malaysia but also the sole distributor in the Souteast Asia region.
We are delighted to distribute Roboclean for the health of families and doing our part for society.

Our Vision

To be industry leaders in the home healthcare unit industry. We also aim to  provide business opportunities and also career growth opportunities to our agents.

Forming a Healthier Malaysia. One device at a time.

Forming a Healthier Malaysia. One device at a time.

Mohd Akhlif Bin Mansor

Founder & Managing Director

— Mohd Akhlif Bin Mansor

As the distributor for Malaysia and Southeast Asia of the finest cleaning and health machine in the world, we have an obligation to help everyone clean their homes the RIGHT WAY!

Although facing with difficulties due to the pandemic which affected the entire world, the opportunity still remains. Technology and digital world keeps us close together. We continue giving great opportunity to open sub distributors to all states in Malaysia. We grow as much as we share. God bless

Lian Kim Ti

Brand Manager

— Lian Kim Ti

At Roboclean we regard people as our primary asset and are committed to provide a healthy indoor environment for our ultimate customers.

In order to spread the good news about Roboclean, we have to grow our distributorships by adding more quality people. Who is better to share Roboclean than someone who owns a Roboclean? Be it 16 days or 16 years!

Together we work hard to delight all our customers by understanding and exceeding their expectations.

Understand How Roboclean is the Ideal Home Health System.

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Fully Functional Home Healthcare System With 20 in 1 Machine With Lifetime Warranty For all Roboclean SPlus Units.